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Can you spot the Indianisms?

I am out-of-station and as such, I request you to do the needful and prepone the upgradations. Tell me your timings by today night itself regarding the same. We have not received the parameters from client till date. As such ,I think we'll land up delivering the project late. Don't mistake me .Please send me any advices because I always depend your feed backs. We must continue such team work. My manger is very thankful for the tuitions I am recieving. Please revert to the undersigned with any clarifications.

Today morning I met with Theo. Myself and Theo had discussed about the training. I think so he will conduct this afternoons batch if he can take a decision regarding content and the timings. He's very busy lately so he asked me to take this class but I told him I can't able to do that. Ted is called as a SME and he can take this group much farther because he is having too much expertise with the subject matter. When asked if he knows the way to the petrol bunk, he replied, "OK". (Now I am very confused!) What he is saying I cant able to make it out. I suggest you go for a car that uses very less fuel. I recommend you the Indicar because it get's too much mileage.

I know your looking for my business partner Mary cos I just received your SMS. She is there; I will say her to call you when I determine her availability. I will try my level best to see that you are attended shortly. Is she knowing your number. I'll not arrive ontime to meeting because there's so much of autos on the road today. Mary may not reach ontime too. But may be she'll be on time. Regarding the delivery, of the new computers , there’s no need to worry 'cause the shipping company told it arrived from Phuket, Thailand. Because I requested for a special delivery, the shipment of new PCs were supposed to come last week. I had received the bill today itself and I just opened it; it's cover was damaged. May be it was tampered. Some of the alphabets on the cover are now illegible. The price is hundred and thirty dollar. I think its very less. I will check our original bill in their web sight.

I do see they attempted delivery here yesterday night but they did not inform. One of our agent would have been here if they had called beforehand to notify. We wont have time to configure with wide range of softwares and upgradation equipments in ample time. If incase we will be delivering the PCs to airport late we wont get paid full prize.

I am learning guitaring so I am taking a class. The instructor who is taking the class is too experienced; he has been teaching since 25 years. (I've just crossed one month.) He explained me how to hold the plectrum; it's too easy. The pick he uses is small small. I am owning three of them. His inputs were quite valuable to me. I had so many doubts about his guitaring methods. There are 15 students in our class. Thats too many peoples for one class because we cannot get individualized instruction or inculcate his tuitions adequately because our class room is filled with musical equipments, and the chairs are very less but the building is nicely decorated; the ceiling is made of glasses. When the class got over, Saar told to practice daily.

What time you are leaving today night?
Shall we go by walk?

You are from?
Do you stay in Madivalla only?


Jalebi illá


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