Suggested Image Sizes... in my humble opinion

640x480 - Just fine for most electronic sharing (email, web)
640x480 - Quite Nice

800x600 - OK, for 'special' photos with more detail.
800x600 - Pretty Big

1024x768 is the largest size most people can properly view on their computer screens. This will not be entirely viewable in most situations because of toolbars, scrollbars, etc. Sending anything larger than this is overkill for many users.
1024x768 - Pushing It

1600x1200 (2-megapixel size) - entirely inappropriate for a number of reasons. File size is huge; if you send something like this, you're a bandwidth hog. Do you find it easy and enjoyable to view this photo? Unless it is to be printed in large format on a professional-grade printer, this is pure overkill. Sending something like this is inconsiderate and usually the result of ignorance or laziness, IMHO.
1600x1200 - Too Damn Big!


2592x1944 - (5-megapixel size)
After knowing what you know now, you've got to be CRAZY or LAZY if you send something like this... in my humble opinion.
WTF?  Are you nuts?

If you are sending 7-megapixel (3072x2304) images, they are NINE TIMES the size of most computer displays! (running their video at 1024x768).

My 7 mpxl camera takes photos that weigh about 2mb each on average. Some can weigh as much as 5mb!  I have entire photo albums online that weigh about 2 mb... with over FIFTY photos!

If you found the download time of this page frustrating, imagine what others feel as they try to download just two 2-megapixel photos, it's about the same. (These images were thinned out for faster loading. The original 5mpx photo was 760k!)


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I feel offended. This message was rude and too direct. My feelings were hurt!!!

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