Trumbo Point (aka Jumbo Point)

Photo of Trumbo Point, a military housing community in Key West, Florida.

The following image probably fits nicely on your screen. It has been resized to 800x600 (Medium) using the Image Resizer, a free Window XP Powertoy available here. It weighs 97k. That's 83 times smaller than the original which you see below which weighs 8mb. That means it would load (or transfer via email) 83 times faster than the original image.

Trumbo Point


This original photo weighs 8 megabytes. (8073kb).
Image size: 3300x2550. Great for surveillance!
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Trumbo Point

Here's a 12 megapixel image. Please note: image size (resolution) and photo quality are not the same thing.

This 4000x3000 image weighs 4 megabytes (4182k).

CSA Veggies (too big!)

And here's the same photo at 1024x768 image size. Weight: 179k.

CSA Veggies