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To empower computer users to work more efficiently (faster, easier and smarter) by promoting the use of shortcuts while making classes motivational, fun and exciting, and always relevant to students' needs. This is achieved through blended learning techniques derived from teachings of Elliot Masie, Robert Mager's (CRI) instructional design model and several motivational and public speakers.
Owned and operated by Greg Hamra, High-Impact Computer Training is based in Bangalore, India, New York City and Miami, Florida. Greg's classes are part motivational course, part game show, and part computer boot-camp. His classes are fun, exciting and highly interactive. All participants experience improved Windows skills, regardless of subject matter. This value-added approach to training means a greater training ROI that can be leveraged across all application programs used at your organization. Since 1987, Greg has provided exciting technology training to hundreds of companies and law firms throughout the U.S and abroad.
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Gregory R. Hamra
Technology Training Specialist

Miami / New York
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