Howabout boinking?

The root of the problem



Stick to Hopskotch

Do you teach Maths?

Allah gives livers

Jesus Gives Cement!

I like your style



OK - I fully understand

Why the change of heart?



I wont


This whole countriyi needs a kit!


Where's my lug wrench?

A note from the Head Office

I feel safer already

and the 3rd grade needs you!

Our favorite!

Why could not we!


CONRETE is stonger than CEMET


Just what my computer needs, a BUSTER!

I prefer vanilla moss.

and where do I get some coffee to go with it?


Pick me a winner!


I'm a computerist!

Tthankk Youou

This is from a "Ladies Toilet" near Bangalore Central on Residency Road. It also says Urinal Latrine.

Cheeseburgers & Coca Cola are North Indian food? Maybe they meant Northern Indiana food instead.
I think someone is hungry for a burger.

Can you belive this? A bank in 2006, in the world's 4th largest technology center advertising "We use computers!"

Beith this from Ocala, Florida or Bangalore, India? Ye be the judge!

I think this one speaks for itself. (SL)

Someone please tell me what Jennifer Aniston has to do with a course in Political Science!! (SL)

I think I'll be a prankster (a miscreant) an scratch through the fist line...

This one is especially interesting because it shows a sexy looking sign for the big Newspaper here. Clearly a sign that India is trying to 'progress' or at least become a little more hip and 'western'. Apparently not everyone is going along with this type of thing. Mouse over the image to see what I noticed two days after shooting the original photo! It's not a group against the scantily clad woman as you might have expected but rather, a pro-Kannada / anti-English group. They throw black paint on all types of non-Kannada signage.
Mouse over to see the difference!

New, as of October 2007


full drink