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Recent CCL progress:

While Reps Curbelo and Ros-Lehtinen have shown courage and leadership on this early on, one south Florida based U.S. Representative has shyed away from this. Mario Diaz-Balart has decided it's safer for him NOT to speak up about the climate impacts to his own constituents, the risks to infrastructure, the costs to the economy and the solutions and jobs that solutions would deliver. Instead, he has chosen to embrace the status quo, and do nothing about the issue at this time. This needs to change. When enough of his constituents get loud about this, maybe he'll find that courage to do what he knows is right. California Darrell Issa did. He joined the Climate Solutions Caucus!

CCL's tireless citizen volunteers advocate for political will for a stable climate. With CCL's help, we're starting to see and erosion of our country's partisan gridlock on climate. CCL is helping to bridge the partisan divide. We've changed the converstation on Capitol Hill. The group's historic first meeting took place April 20th in our nation's Capitol.

How did this come about?: